Running Girl

Bash felt a growl of frustration build at his inability to find the girl. She surprised him the last time, slashing his face with a small blade. He traced the lumpy scar down the length of his nose and upper lip, and felt a surge of anger. He still couldn’t breath right from that side, and the corner of his lip had been tugged upward by the crude stitches that sealed it, making him even more of a freak than he already was. Worse than that she’d damaged his sounding, the one part of his cursed life that gave him an edge on the streets. When he called out now the echoes returning, that allowed him to see better than his eyes ever could, were fuzzy and confusing. Especially soft things, like that girl’s body. He flexed his powerful hands and pictured himself choking her, squeezing her neck until her eyes bulged and then driving his teeth into her neck. He imagined it in such vivid detail that he screeched savagely, the sound ringing down the street and startling his men. He could see their fear. He grinned slowly, knowing the effect his needle like teeth would have on them. They need to be reminded who I am. What I am.

Bash lifted his arm and pointed right then left, indicating the area to search. The group divided nervously and began working their way towards Bash, pairing off to check each ruined structure along the way. One of the men remained in the street. Watching. Bash also stayed where he was. He knew running girl was fast. She’d gotten past him twice before. He looked at them in annoyance. I ain’t crazy. He thrust his hand angrily and the searchers jumped back to their task. There weren’t many strays on the street unclaimed and he wanted the girl. She was young and pretty enough beneath the dirt. Never seen anyone run like that neither. Oh yeah, she’d be useful. She’d earn him some coin and when she was used up he’d pay her back for the scar. Bash smiled as he considered the possibilities.

Maggie saw Bash flexing his hands and his smile was made even more terrible by the split winding across his face. I did that. She could imagine his thoughts. Every instinct told her to run. It was how she survived. She shifted her feet and tensed her arms as she considered her options. Bash