The Root of All Fear

War is coming as ruthless men play the games of power. An evil long forgotten is freed in fabled Alcheron, and tales used to frighten children become all too real. Now the meek and the forgotten, the misfit and the broken must rise to stand in the breach – or the world is lost.

My original intent to ‘just write’ this story failed. It grew bigger and bigger in my mind -way beyond my modest abilities to tell it. I have some problems with structured thought and trying to organize or create an outline to sew together my pantsing efforts inevitably led to me getting frustrated and not writing for months at a time.

So I decided to write. Just write. Whatever comes out, but write every day.

I’ll be jumping into the world and different characters lives as they come to me. The story will probably not flow sequentially from start to finish. There may be some timeline errors and contradictions. It may madden as you wonder what happened to one person or another, unless you think of this as a writer’s sketchbook.

And yet, I hope some of you will read.

I hope to be able to take some classes to find an approach that will work for me. In the meantime I have decided that just writing until I have it sorted out, is better than just worrying about whatever is going on in my head and doing nothing.

I welcome constructive criticism from writers and readers.

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