Poems & Thoughts

These are some of my thoughts from my Wattpad page. They were written over several years as the mood struck me. I am not a poet in my own mind but I do hope there are things here that will resonate with you.

Sentinel by stormvisions Sentinel a collection of thoughts, poetic and otherwise, related to feeling different and not fitting in.
Reach for the Hands by stormvisions Reach for the Hands this is another experiment writing words and using Fiverr to put it to music. I won’t call it a song, more like experimental poetry.
Storm Visions: Collected Thoughts by stormvisions Storm Visions: Collected Thoughts once in a while I write some errant bit which doesn’t have a specific home; they are collected here.
Old Postcard on the Windowsill by stormvisions Old Postcard on the Windowsill a poem about memories.
The Porch by stormvisions The Porch an early morning write that looks towards the evening of life.
little bird by stormvisions little bird This poem was triggered by someone I know who seems to be following a fraught path.
Old Oak by stormvisions Old Oak just a playful run around the branches on this one.
One Tree by stormvisions One Tree I drove through skid row today and was reminded again of the great irony of the homeless and mentally ill living on the streets of one of the richest countries of the world.
Winter's Trail by stormvisions Winter’s Trail looking back on your life.
The Gray Man by stormvisions The Gray Man I have been thinking a bit about getting older and how some people treat the old.
Old Hawk by stormvisions Old Hawk Thinking about aging and an old Navaho gentleman I met – fierce in youth, paratrooper, bronco buster, strong, not brought down by dementia and soon to take his journey home.
There is Snow on the Mountain by stormvisions There is Snow on the Mountain I had the first verse of this in my head for a long time and thought it would be fun.
I AM A ROCK by stormvisions I AM A ROCKSometimes we think we stand alone. Or above. Or apart. But life has a way of wearing down walls built of fear, ignorance, selfishness, and apathy until we are faced with the undeniable truth of our need for others.
The Birth of Hope by stormvisions The Birth of Hope hope is born and reborn with each step and with each generation; rising it opposes darkness and serves to guide and strengthen us when we are lost.
What Remains by stormvisions What Remains what will our life say of us when we are gone?