You’ve stumbled on my little writing page. My name is Burt . … well really it’s Humberto but a childhood effort to fit in and avoid the inevitable errors (Roberto, Gilberto, Alberto) and blatant mockery (Humm-bird-O, Hum-Burnt-Toe etc) and I reached for a name I could live with. I’ve grown past the need for the change but I’ve used it so long it is a comfortable fit.

Back to the subject of what this little page is about. As a child I decided that I was either going to be a famous explorer, inventor or writer. I stuffed my drawers with fossils, stamps and coins from exotic countries, National Geographic maps, drawings and my own early storytelling. Well I’m a little too old to trudge through swamps in search of undiscovered civilizations, and my inventions nowadays tend to be new types of sandwiches – so what’s left?

I’ve always wanted to write but got bottled up in the planning stages. I tend to jump from microscope-mode, where I analyze too much, to telescope-mode where I am very creative but not very structured; so I decided I’m just going to write, put it out there and stop worrying. I’ll make boo-boos. I’ll screw up the stories here and there and have to go back. I’ll have horrible punctuation and other glaring flaws that will have any editors, who accidentally find this page, telling their secretaries “If we ever get a manuscript from Humberto Abreu just put your eyes out, it’ll be less painful!”

Despite the danger to editors everywhere I am determined to write regularly, make corrections, get some feedback and hopefully get better at it.

So this is where you come in. If you read and like the stories or would like to suggest things you found good (please don’t change this Burt!) or confusing (I didn’t understand why she did that Burt?!) or not believable (well Burt, I’m a ninja and that sword fight was unrealistic because you can’t block a katana with a watermelon!) then I’d like to hear about it.

I’m Burt and my journey reboots 10/13/2016.


Update: 05/11/2018 Despite my earlier bravado, I have not written with any frequency. I may not have all the skills of a writer, but I certainly have the self-doubt, occasionally depressive and over-thinking of many would be writers who get in their own way. I’m not 100% sure that I have what it takes. Too little effort. Too much to juggle. A little late in life when my energy is pretty low. Let’s see what happens.