CHOSON CX-218 Submersible Heater


250w or 300w submersible ‘smart’ heater with LED readout. Simple temperature adjustment loops from 15°C~34°C (59°F~93°F) – so you just keep pressing the button until you hit the temperature you want.

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  • Temperature Range 15°C~34°C (59°F~93°F),it is suitable for fresh water and sea water fish tanks of 20-50 gallons , provide comfortable environment for your beloved tropical fish
  • Smart Temperature Control the micro chip will automatically keep the water in the fish tank at the temperature you set and keep it stable
  • Easy To Use press the button of the thermostat to set the temperature,the temperature will changer within the cyclic temperature range just stop when you set it right
  • Power-Off Memory Function the aquarium heater will automatically remember the temperature you set before power off,you don’t have to set the temperature every time

The instructions were in Chinese but luckily it is pretty easy to operate. Set the heater in the tank where you can see the LED readout; leave it unplugged for 10 minutes.  Try to pick a location with some water circulation so that the thermostat reads the average tank temperature – if you try to wall it in behind decorations that somewhat enclosed space may be hotter than the rest of the tank causing it to turn off at the wrong time.  Once you plug it in push the button on the power line – it loops from 15°C~34°C. Just press the button until it gets to the preset temperature you want and let it go.

Here’s a quick conversion chart as the temperature readout is in centigrade.

1 review for CHOSON CX-218 Submersible Heater

  1. stormvisions

    I wanted an auto-regulating ‘set-and-forget’ heater and this seemed like it fit the bill. I haven’t had it long but the reviews were good. It seems well made and no problems in the time I’ve it. It seems this Choson CX-218 is available from other sources, distributed under different names and also I have seen some similar looking products so my advice is to always read the reviews and make sure there are enough reviews to account for cheating – in other words, you are probably better off with a 4-star rating with 5,000 reviewers than a 5-star with 3 reviewers.

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